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  • The application and development of CNC milling machining

    The application and development of CNC milling machining

    Milling is a metal cold machining method; CNC machines can process complex rotary body shapes. To improve a country’s comprehensive national strength and status needs to vigorously develop advanced manufacturing technology with CNC technology as the main core. CNC milling processing is one of ...

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  • Was ist eine CNC-Drehmaschine?

    Was ist eine CNC-Drehmaschine?

    What is a CNC lathe? CNC machine tool is a digital machine tool that automatically processes the parts to be processed according to the prepared processing program. We compile the processing program sheet according to the processing route, process parameters, tool motion path, displacement, cu ...

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  • Wärmebehandlung von Metallen

    Wärmebehandlung von Metallen

    Modern life can come into contact with a variety of metal products, such as steel bridges, car shells, kitchen knives, stainless steel guardrails, iron pots and pans, cans, iron hammers, etc.. We are accustomed to think that they are similar in performance, right? In fact, they have different pro ...

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  • How is the

    How is the “Bing Dwen Dwen” made?

    Who is Bing Dwen Dwen? Bing Dwen Dwen, is the mascot of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics. The image of the panda is combined with a super-energy ice crystal shell. The head shell is taken from the ice and snow sports helmet and decorated with a colorful halo. The mascot for the 2022 Bei ...

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  • What is tolerance and fit

    What is tolerance and fit

    What is tolerance and fit? Tolerance and fit is a basic technical course of mechanical specialty. It organically combines tolerance fit and metrology. From the perspective of interchangeability, it studies how to solve the contradiction between use requirements and manufacturing requirements aro ...

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  • Wellenkupplungen


    What are shaft couplings? Shaft couplings are mechanical components that are used to connect two rotating shafts. These components come in a lot of variation but all have the same basic functionality. Shaft couplings are used to transmit power and torque from one shaft to another. They al ...

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  • Schachtmanschetten


    What are shaft collars? Shaft collars are a simple solutions for locating components, mechanical stops and bearing faces on a shaft. Only a few parts make this simple machine component. Robust and easy to install this component has found its use in many places. Over the years few differen ...

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  • Unterlegscheiben


    What are washers? Washers are small round machine components that are indispensable in the machine building industry. They are used in combination with bolts and nuts and help to secure them. Usually made out of metal, they can have many shape variations. Everybody has seen them and many have ...

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